Lift Kits

For Aynor, SC area drivers who want to prepare their vehicles for off road driving experiences such as rock crawling and trail blazing, Minor Tire & Wheel offers lift kits and lift kit services for a variety of trucks. Lift kits provide room for larger tires and offer a smoother off road driving experience. Enhancing your vehicle with the right lift kit will provide impressive handling and ground clearance, while adding imposing. Truck lift kits let you travel the toughest terrain. We carry lift kits engineered for your vehicle and include all the parts you need.

Types of Lift Kits include:

  • Suspension lift kits
  • Leveling kits
  • Body lifts
  • Lift blocks
  • Block kits
  • Shock absorbers
  • Leaf springs

What to look for in a Lift Kit:

  • Includes the best quality components
  • Designed for your make, model, and year vehicle
  • Made by a reputable manufacturer
  • Installation by an experienced professional

If you are in need of a quality lift kit for your vehicle, Contact us today to schedule a service!

Do I need a lift kit?
Prior to the recent popularity of off road driving, truck owners had to create their own lift systems using a variety of suspension parts. Unfortunately, this approach was not always reliable or safe. Today, lift kits are designed and fabricated by lift kit makers who develop them specifically for particular trucks. Lift kits not only offer better safety, but will also deliver enhanced driving performance.

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