Nitrogen Tire Inflation

The benefits of choosing nitrogen inflation over air for your tires include increased fuel economy, longer tire life, and improved handling. You will also have less maintenance and added confidence knowing your tires are filled with stable, pure nitrogen.

Nitrogen is less affected by outside temperatures and more reliable for maintaining tire pressure. Because nitrogen does a better job of keeping pressure under hot and cold conditions, it can improve gas mileage, increase tire life, and is safer because tires are not as likely to blow-out at high speeds. Since nitrogen is dry and does not support combustion, it has long been used for aircraft and racing cars, which require tires to run extremely hot.

Another advantage nitrogen has over air is that it is a dry gas, and as such reduces oxygen and moisture. The moisture in air increases oxidation and pressure fluctuation. Since nitrogen-filled tires do not fluctuate with temperature changes, you will not experience false TPMS warning light activation.

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